Now Available!

Mortician’s Mobile App

Paperless Removals,
QR Code Labeling, and
ID Cloud Storage!

Paperless Removals and Transfers

For iPhone and Android.

Removal information entered into mobile app.

Electronic signatures of removal and acceptance parties.

Removal and transfer certificates can be emailed from app.

QR Code Tracking of Deceased and Belongings

Unique QR code is generated by Mortician’s Mobile App for each removal.

Affix to body bag, personal items, casket, urn, etc. for accurate tracking.

Avery labels #8162 can be purchased at any office supply store. Click here to purchase label sheets online at Office Depot.

Permanent Cloud Data Storage of All Records

Body removal and transfer data permanently stored on a cloud server.

Data accessed through your online account admin dashboard.

Removal and transfer data can be retrieved anytime.

In his own words.

The creator of the Mortician’s Mobile App explains the app.